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June 2024

Dr. Jeffrey Long

Dr. Jeff recently appeared in a YouTube video with over 1 million views.

YouTube Link:
Near-Death Experience Expert Dr. Jeffrey Long | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #479 (

Dr. Jeff's most recent research project is the largest study of near-death experience aftereffects ever performed. He is looking in-depth at the aftereffects described in 834 near-death experiences. We are discovering that aftereffects are far more diverse and specific to individual near-death experiences than we previously realized. Aftereffects seem to be as individual as the near-death experiencers themselves. However, common NDE aftereffects include a decreased fear of death, an increased belief in an afterlife, an increased belief in the reality of God, increased compassion and value of love and living their lives, and decreased materialist values.


Volunteer Corner

by Jody Long

NDERF is ready to take the next step in engaging readers in volunteer opportunities.  I have been getting some amazing volunteers who are offering their help, but I haven't had a platform that is set up to actually get soul projects up and running.

We have so many different ways to configure volunteers, that it makes sense to choose one project
and then when that one is successfully up and running – we can choose another project.


The most successful volunteer project that is up and running well is the translation project where the English part of the website is translated into different languages so others can read the website in their own language.  Right now, we have completed the Spanish, French, and German project. I am humbled at the outpouring of support and time that so many have dedicated to this cause. It is also a wonderful research tool because we have people from all over the world share their NDEs with us and that makes the near-death experience truly a human experience without regard to demographics, race, economics, political leanings. It is an experience that transcends and shows us what it is like to be immortal. We need someone to be in charge of volunteers and to match their skills with particular projects when we get up and running. If any of you are interested in being a volunteer coordinator or project facilitator, please let me know.  Email:


New NDERF Search Engine!

Introducing NDERF's New Search Engine

This powerful new tool is designed to support our website visitors quest for knowledge, connection, and meaning. Building upon the foundation of the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF), this innovative search engine boasts a range of robust features aimed at empowering you to delve deeper into our growing database of near-death experiences. Our advanced AI supported search will help you leverage the insights gleaned from thousands of near-death experience accounts collected by NDERF over multiple decades. In short, we aim to serve as your gateway to a diverse array of perspectives and insights on life, death, consciousness, and beyond.

search-engine copy.jpg

Our new search engine will go beyond mere information retrieval as we ultimately seek to foster meaningful connections and community engagement. Through user registrations, integrated forums and discussion groups, we hope to have the opportunity to connect you with other near-death experiencers and those curious to expand their understanding of this truly unique phenomenon. If you would like to register to try out our new search engine, click "sign-up for news and events" at 

Whether you're seeking validation and understanding or your own experience or simply a better understanding of NDEs in general, NDERF Search will soon be available to help you answer more questions in more detail. Embrace the journey and let NDERF be your trusted companion on this extraordinary voyage of self-discovery.


NDERF Spotlight:  Joseph Khasho

Joseph (1).jpg

Bridging Worlds:
A Journey Towards Each Other

My story here began with a powerful spiritually transformative experience (STE) that reshaped my understanding of life, death, and everything in between. I found myself navigating the rough waters of my experience because it so sharply contrasted with my firmly held atheistic worldview at the time. This prompted me to study world religions that claimed the existence of an eternal soul and, soon enough, I found myself examining claims made within Christianity in particular. In finding NDERF I felt a strong sense of community and delved deeper into the research studies, interviewing experiencers and helping to educate others. Despite my incurable analytical mind, I couldn't resist the conclusion that the aggregate voices speaking at NDERF were forming what some might call a sacred text.

Surely such evidence would inspire a high-level collaboration of research academics, near-death experiencers (NDErs) and religious institutions, wouldn’t it? I was surprised and, at times, challenged by the bias both within the community of NDErs, researchers and, paradoxically, within the religious community itself. NDErs are often told to avoid the use of religious language and in Christian circles there is a general avoidance of spiritual language which doesn’t conform to norms. On several occasions during interviews with NDErs, it was evident they were trying to avoid religious language but having difficulty doing so and I found myself repeatedly having to give them permission to use any word or phrase, religious or otherwise, that they thought best described their experience. In other words, if reincarnation, angels, God or Jesus fits within the framework of your experience, then use those terms that most accurately represent what you encountered. My mantra became, "do not avoid truth to avoid religion." Good researchers will be able to parse an accurate well-placed use of a religious term, name or phrase within the context of an experience versus one used as a placeholder or proxy/title that could have taken multiple derivations in name. What followed was an amazing succession of individuals who opened up, sometimes amidst tears, revealing content of a religious nature that, at times, they did not disclose in their narratives to NDERF. They held back, as I learned, out of fear. The fact is truth claims of NDEs directly intersect truth claims made in some religions.

In many circles, there exists a palpable bias against religion, Christianity in particular, which seems at odds with the inclusive and universally profound nature of NDEs. Conversely, the religious community often shows a marked reluctance to embrace or participate in the formal study of NDEs, viewing them through a lens of skepticism or outright rejection (as many experiencers can attest to after unsuccessfully approaching religious leaders). This was puzzling considering the supreme ethic of love and tolerance touted in both camps. To me, this suggested a real need for education. Let's be honest, rigorous NDE research has effectively demonstrated the existence of the "soul" (self-consciousness separable from the body). Additionally, the history which gave birth to religious beliefs, often rooted in historical fact, is rich with cultural and experiential knowledge that can help inform and frame the content of modern day NDEs but quite the opposite seemed to be happening. Nonetheless, the combined facts of NDE research and the voices of statistically millions of people are inescapable. Taken at face value, it would appear that “God” has the ability to reveal the nature of the spiritual world with pinpoint accuracy onto the psyche of any individual in a way that is undeniable and unforgettable. It reminds me of what some might term as inspiration or being born from above. These truths will continue to seep into the world and will eventually help clarify theological concepts, much like modern-day scientific discoveries refine the lens of previous scientific findings.

This inevitable process can be accelerated by educating others. Both worlds have so much to offer to each other and any attempt to mute or instruct NDErs to use different language risks insulting the integrity of those individuals sharing their NDE and betrays the very nature of the process of scientific inquiry. It is no different than a religious claim held so rigidly in an attempt to protect it, that it ends up strangling it due to the inability to acknowledge the impact of real evidence that can help better re-frame it. Our dialog together holds amazing potential. Historically, it engenders a promise to tear down cultural walls, wipe out geographic boundaries and transcend life itself. At the heart of my work here lies the conviction that these conversations between the NDE and religious communities need not be in conflict but can, in fact, inform and illuminate each other in ways that deepen our overall comprehension of humanity, the world, and our place in it.

At NDERF, we are committed to fostering an environment where these discussions can occur freely and without fear as we respect and honor all people's beliefs while, in the role of research, diligently focusing on wherever the evidence leads. Without offense, it's important to understand that truth is generally exclusive as evidence leads us down one road and not another. However, such strict scientific applications, discussions, and debates need not be imposed onto those who are simply struggling to reveal and integrate their profound experience as best they can using whatever language is comfortable to them. We may actually find NDEs supporting theological concepts and vise versa. We are all at various points along the path of knowledge and by opening our hearts and placing them on the table, we not only invite important dialogue, but we demonstrate wisdom by both our intellectual humility and spiritual maturity showing that we are not so rigid a people as to be shattered by the weight of new ideas that challenge us. Rather, by the respect we show for each other, it seems that we should be joyfully awestruck at the wonders and mysteries of life giving room for us to learn and others to grow. It is through this exchange that we overcome the biases that separate us, convey the primacy of love that unites us, and build bridges to epiphany through the knowledge that nurtures us.

We call upon all who have experienced the profound, the skeptics, the faithful, and the curious, to join us in this dialogue. With open hearts and minds, let us explore the vast landscape of human consciousness and spirituality, embarking on a journey of discovery and exploration unmatched by any other in history. Together, we move to uncover the truths that lie at the intersection of NDEs, science and spirituality, forging a path towards a more inclusive and comprehensive understanding of what it means to be human. In a very real and profound sense captured in both the golden rule and NDE life-reviews, I believe such a journey holds the potential to yield some of humanity's most significant breakthroughs because it is ultimately a journey towards each other.

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